And so it begins…

This is the beginning of the journey… well more the beginning of this blog.

The actual journey really started over a year ago when my children started in an American school after moving to Chicagoland from the London suburbs.

That was the start of facing a system that was alien to us. A school more than 3 times the size of the one we’d left behind, endless paperwork brought home and homework every night. I felt my kids got robbed of some of the innocence only a 6 and a 7 year old could have. They became over scheduled, over pressurized and asked to fit in no matter what.

My eldest, who is naturally a perfectionist started putting more emphasis on achieving top marks rather than focus on the learning process, the why and the enjoyment of it. I discovered a boy who lost taste for learning when he used to be so enthusiastic.

My youngest had to be reminded to sit still so many times that he began to feel inadequate all the time and I found him constantly apologizing. Through it all we discovered that he has a natural ability to process information at very high speed, but he struggles with focus, so all this put together meant that once he got the concept of what the class was learning, boredom would ensue and he would either get lost in his thoughts or get distracted.

I am not even getting near the playground issues.

Anyway this blog if anything is not and will never be a about knocking the US Education system. I sincerely believe that there are amazing people working in schools all around the country and who want to give our children opportunities to be the best version of themselves.

There are many things we are going to miss but to cut a long story short, I have spent a year becoming increasingly interested in home education and as I became more frustrated with the emphasis I felt school put on results, I became more and more ready to take the plunge.

It wasn’t easy peeps! Far from it. It was very scary actually.

The first time I thought it might be my only solution to an issue I was starting to feel uncomfortable with, I physically felt sick. It was a good thing because removing them from school when I first thought of it would have been for all the wrong reasons.

And the thoughts then it came in waves. I reached out to homeschoolers in the area. I asked tons of questions and then I filed them away.

But early December this year, things got us to think about it again and that time I went from being petrified to being very excited about the project. That’s when I knew the time was right.

Within days we wrapped up their time in school and started the process. This is them on their last day…

last day of school

As I write, we are on our Christmas break and they will not return to school but it hasn’t hit us yet. I am letting them be on holiday because they deserve it and I need to let the dust settle.
I also need to let all I have learned about homeschooling organise itself in my brain so that I don’t feel like I am going to explode with overwhelm.

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