Homeschool is officially open!

On Wednesday, the boys would have been supposed to go back to school but instead they slept passed the time the bus comes past our house.

Not waving them goodbye at the bus stop was surprisingly a great feeling. I originally thought I may feel nervous, anxious or regretful but not at all.

Instead I felt free! Which is kind of weird because if I judge freedom by the amount time I have to myself, doing what I want when I want to, then I am definitely having far less of that.

However it is amazing how suddenly having no school schedule to stick to allows me to truly relax.

For one, I have noticed that our evenings are a lot more chilled. I don’t spend most of it waiting for them to be in bed (and asleep) to put my feet up. We have this mutual agreement: they retire to their room by 8pm and they are allowed to play calmly, read or draw for a bit, whatever it is that means they won’t get over excited. Generally it means that E will get comfy under his covers and complain a fair bit about the light keeping him awake, only to fall asleep at the end of his sentence. Meanwhile V reads 3 books to his teddies, simultaneously, while playing with lego, and usually falls asleep between 9 and 10pm.

And you know what, the only things that’s different to before is that I no longer stress about the fact that V falls asleep too late… They have always that bedtime routine, nothing different, except that I am rolling with it. I am no longer fighting or struggling against it, we are simply riding the wave.

We are learning to live in flow, which is the most suited word I can think of, because it is definitely not a schedule and not yet a routine.  There is less fighting against (or trying to fix) body clocks and personal needs that screw up the schedule.

I can’t even compare it to when we were on holidays. It was always a time I felt in suspension, as if the time had stopped for a while and I was busy trying to fill the days before life would resume. I know it is sort of sad.

Now though it feels different, we know it is not a pause, it is a new lifestyle and therefore we all have to slot into each other’s lifestyle respectfully and lovingly. I am sure that there will be time when it is difficult, moments when the flow will be disturbed and we will need to readjust but I feel our new closeness will make it easier.


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