And what about me in all this?

This week as very much been reflecting on “and what about me in all this?”.

After the Summer I decided to give my freelance work a break in order to just do what made me feel happy and creating became the focus point. I decided to try skills I had been dying to try for years without having the time or space to just do it. It was perfect timing and on reflection I also think it was so that I could be ready to start homeschool.

After weeks of creating, crafting, sewing, painting, letting my imagination go totally wild, not having touched a pencil or a needle in nearly 8 weeks is starting to take its toll. I have realized one thing in all this and this is that my anxiety level is very much dependent on the amount of space I allow for my creative side to explore freely. It became even more obvious when I burst into tears for facing a blank page in my sketchbook not being able to just draw something… anything…

I have spend so many years not giving enough importance to being creative and it is only now that I am realizing how important and how big of a key this is to my wellbeing and happiness.

Homeschooling the boys is obviously taking a huge chunk of my time that I could be dedicating to it but it is also important for me to create that space so this is going to be my thing for the next few weeks. I am going back to creating something even just a simple doodle everyday.


Aside of that on the homeschool front things are very smooth, or smoother than they were at the beginning. I can’t say we are already at the stage of being able to function on cruise control, but we are definitely more established in a routine.

I am amazed at how much we can cover in the a couple of hours a day and at how much we have already achieved together. However I have to remind myself to chill, we are not in a race and that’s a difficult bit for me.

Most important the boys love the extra time they get together and I can really see their friendship so much stronger than a few months ago. I can also see them grow more confident and happy, with the innocence that they were starting to lose at school.


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