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A bit more about us…

Well there is E my eldest son born in Feb 2007. He calls himself a Winter baby and uses that excuse to say that he is never cold and therefore should be allowed to wear shorts in the Winter. Except that in Aug 2014 we have moved from London to the suburbs of Chicago where we now consider a good Winter day when we reach -5 Celsius degrees.

E is a perfectionist and has a dedication I often envy. Watching him taking on a task and how he will keep going until he succeeds is fascinating. This also means that the way the schools are in our current district he was starting to have sleepless nights because of tests and scores. This made me so sad because, yes I do get that testing is part of the school, but I feel that it doesn’t have to be that way at 9.

There is also V, my second son born in July 2008. As you may have guessed, he is our Summer Baby and he is definitely cold in the Winter. He actually can’t stand the Winter because his ideal day is spent somewhere hot and close to water.

He is our very flamboyant boy who has been assessed as a gifted visual-spatial learner and this is really what pushed us to start homeschooling back in December 2015. What it means really is that he has to learn by doing and visualizing. Rote memorization, endless repetition and practice are only making him feel like he is failing because this is simply not how he learns. However give him a context and an explanation, if possible visual, and he will learn it in an instant and remember it forever. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that school benches are not suited for these kind of learners.

Another side to having this kind of “gift” is that there is an imbalance between his emotional skills and his intellectual skills and they are often considered immature emotionally for their age.

If you think you may have a Gifted Visual Spatial learner here are a couple of articles that may help you help and understand your child Strategies for Gifted Visual-Spatial Learners and Visual Spatial Resource.

The rest of the family consists of my husband C who is the most patient husband and dad ever. He is the one that holds the boat together when we are all falling apart. He is also their new P.E teacher.

As for me I am the Maman, the teacher, the wife, the dog walker, the dinner lady, the social worker, the admin… the one who has pushed for this experience to happen. I honestly can say now that I know we have made the right decision. All the worries and fears I used to have are mostly gone. Sometimes they resurface a little and here come the endless questions on how to do this in the least damaging, most successful way.

But then, I hear my kids talk about Einstein and who he was, then move on to Beethoven and Digital Piracy all this while pushing a shopping trolley and weighing some apples, and I actually think that we are not doing such a bad job after all.